Training Course Feedback

“Did you enjoy the course and content?”

Yes, I did. My knowledge has improved as a result and am more confident I can put together a decent Net Zero proposition for professional services SMEs. There was a particular focus towards buildings efficiency, an area which I do not know much about – I found this to be beneficial as it is a major part of any Net Zero journey. I also found the ROI, IRR, NPV exercise very useful, precisely because I had no real experience in how to value a project. This is an area where I will now focus.

Mike Mount

“Did you enjoy the course and content?”

Yes, the course was very informative and provided a solid understanding of the global issues surrounding climate change, the need for sustainable action, and the legislative commitments of the UK government. The course contained relevant, up-to-date information and insights into future requirements as a result of governmental targets.

Andrew Brewster

CA Group Limited
“Did you enjoy the course and content?”

Yes. Really great course presented by engaging and extremely knowledgeable individuals. I gained a massive insight into actually what Net Zero is, what is involved, how to start going about measuring and resolving etc.

Ben Carne

Hollywood Bowl
“Did you enjoy the course and content?”

I did. It’s nice to carve out some time for learning and share with others the challenges around this. The course leaders delivered content very well and i look forward to the next session.

Frank Horn

British Film Institute (BFI)
“Did you enjoy the course and content?”

Yes, Net Zero is becoming a big part of what we do so I needed to know about it in detail. The course was interesting, but it is a big subject and I will have to do a lot of reading and research into the links supplied on the course. The course leaders were very good, friendly, easy conversations within the group.

Martin Barker

SAV Systems
“Did you enjoy the course and content?”

Yes, it was well paced, interesting and a good mix of presentation, activities & discussion. The style was good, engaging & informative, but relaxed, both Dave & Stephen were happy to answer any questions & debate/discuss. They are clearly very knowledgeable and experienced in this area.

Paul Lynch

VINCI Facilities
“Did you enjoy the course and content?”

Yes, very informative with detail on aspects of GHG and Carbon foot printing not previously considered. Well informed and knowledgeable with good experiences of and in the climate change sector.


Con Ward

CCC Energy
“Did you enjoy the course and content?”

Yes! Learnt so much at Net Zero Carbon fundamentals . True professionals delivering the training. The course is interactive, which makes it more interesting and enjoyable. Highly recommend. Both Dave and Stephen are true professionals and certainly know their stuff!

Rich Jarvis

Epsom & St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust
“Did you enjoy the course and content?”

Yes, it was thorough, interesting and I felt I learnt a lot in one day, especially with the chance to try out the calculations which I feel confidence enough to work through by myself now. Great course leaders, professional and great level of knowledge on the subject.

Isabel Clark

“Did you enjoy the course and content?”

Yes. Very informative with good content and at the correct pace, Very happy with the content. The training will help me advise our clients on becoming Net Zero. Although I know I am no expert. The course leaders were experts in the subject and passed on their knowledge in a clear and concise way.

Andy Butterworth

Businesswise Solutions

Training Course Feedback