Climate Change Professional Training

At Climate Change Professionals we offer training to help you start your Climate Change Career.

Climate Change has never been so high on the political agenda. The Government has signed up to ambitious targets in carbon reduction, however UK Plc will need to deliver theses targets, and there is a lack of trained professionals to undertake the necessary work. At present there is no organisation that represents CC professionals across all the different skillsets needed. Climate Change Professionals (CCP)will need to understand energy reduction, carbon and GHG emissions, sustainability criteria for their organisations and the linked supply chain.

Climate Change Professional ltd has been set up to provide a number of services to CCPs.

The Climate Change Professional Register

  • Work experience that is linked to climate change action.
  • All relevant qualifications such as degrees, apprenticeships, courses, and in-house training.
  • Membership of relevant professional bodies.
  • A personal declaration over ambitions to tackle climate change.
  • Evidence of implementation or design of a climate change Action Plan.

Developing the right people for the job

The register will be administered by CCP Ltd. There may or may not be a fee for registration which will depend on the development of the register.
The entries will then be categorized as either audited or unaudited
There will be a fee for auditing entries. All entries will clearly state whether the CCP entry has been audited or is unaudited.

The information on the register will be password protected by the CCP with the ability to make information publicly available if specifically agreed with the CCP and GDPR compliance criteria are met.

The register will also list all CC courses from different bodies available. Those providing the courses for example Professional bodies, universities, course providers will need to pay to advertise courses.

The CCP will be able to provide a booking or introduction service for all courses that will entail a booking fee.

The CCP will also offer a recruitment service that will be available to employers and candidates. This service will be restricted to CCP ltd, although there may be other elements of this service that could be accessed by third parties.

CCP will also promote core courses around a Climate Change Action Plan. These will be listed in a separate section to the rest of the listed educational experience.