We are currently delivering energy audits with optimisation reports and recommendations for just over 25 separate organisations. All of which are facing energy cost cutting and supply chain emission reduction challenges.


Performing your ESOS 3 energy site audits 12 months in advance of the Phase 3 compliance date (5th December 2023) will result in greater benefits, as you can start implementing recommendations sooner.


Your business has the opportunity to move forward, identifying energy savings opportunities against the backdrop of the highest wholesale electricity & gas prices the UK market has ever experienced.


We have updated you with recent government plans concerning The Energy Bills Support Scheme, this will not be enough to protect a large number of businesses who only have commodity prices capped for just 6 months.


CCP strongly recommends that you review and employ a trusted partner to ensure you are taking action before it’s too late.


Higher energy prices are supporting even quicker returns on investment, allowing projects & opportunities to be signed off at board level quicker than ever before.


So if you are looking to address any of the following…


  1. Stratospheric energy prices- 397% & 406% increases for power & gas respectively for the 12 month period of July 2021 – July 2022
  2. Optimisation of usage- The cheapest kWh is the one you don’t use!
  3. Net Zero- Targeting carbon reduction of scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions
  4. Sustainability- On site generation through greener technologies reducing your dependency on an aged and costly UK network
  5. Energy project sign off-  Achieving progress and approval at board level for opportunities that have been dwindling for too long


…then talk to us with no obligations. We are Stroma accredited ESOS lead assessors and are happy to discuss how we can help you do more now to keep your 2023 challenges at bay.

Email us at: info@climatechangeprofessionals.co.uk

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